NET provides a range of opportunities for you to put your skills into play.

If you are really good at what you do, and your assistance is of significant value, it is likely that as revenue materializes in proportion to the arrival of this new wave of opportunities, that your “volunteer” capacity could shift to a paid position and possibly a career, doing something you love and which gives you great fulfillment.

Whatever your skill set or background is, there is probably a place for you in our network. As we grow we will be looking for people with a variety of expertise to assist us in bringing free energy technologies to market. We are looking for people of all skill sets from around the world, who would like to volunteer a bit of time. Be part of the New Energy Trust by volunteering your services and skills.

If we don?t get right back to you, and you feel driven to be part of our network, be persistent. If you are interested in helping out… please “Contact” us.