It takes a team to bring a technology to market, and it takes the talents of a wide range of professional services, often from outside the key team, to accomplish all the milestones. Those include: validating a technology, presenting a roll-out strategy, writing a business plan, filing patents, engineering improvements in a technology design, running endurance and safety testing, engineering a production prototype, or setting up a manufacturing facility.

If you fit the description of a professional service provider, whose expertise is likely to be required by an inventor and his team somewhere along the journey of bringing the technology to market, we welcome you to submit your information below. And we would love to have you consider advertising your service on our website, which is visited by a lot of inventors and their teams.

In particular, we are looking for professional services providers who are willing to offer at least a portion of their work on an “if-come” basis, or for stock, or some other deferred payment plan, to reduce the up-front capital costs usually associated with a start-up. But we still want to have you register your service, even if you require regular payment terms.

If want to become involved… please “Contact” us.