One of the primary reasons for the lack of progress in getting exotic free energy technologies to market has been a lack of adequate financing. Gratefully, that is changing, as forward-looking investors recognize that many of these long-maligned modalities actually are maturing and growing in credibility and readiness to move towards the market.

It’s still a high-risk arena, but the potential returns are even higher. But rather than focus just on how much money you can make, we hope to attract those who are thinking about creating a better world than the one we see now — a world where humans can thrive in harmony with nature, rather than at the Earth’s expense and at each other’s expense.

The NET network can help vet the best technologies. It helps the network if we have assurance of funding.

  • You can be introduced to opportunities that are not yet publicly known.
  • You can be made aware of promising developments among the top technology players.
  • You can increase the inventors confidence that there are investors willing to invest, and waiting for the right opportunity.
  • You can help boost the general level of hope in society that support is rising for breakthroughs that can improve the human condition without hurting the planet.

Of course, our vetting is preliminary. You will want to do your own due diligence to confirm what we have found.

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