May 7th, 2015

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March 4th 2015

Our newly formed NET (New Energy Trust) has changed its name from NEST (New Energy Systems Trust) and we are all excited about moving forward to help more inventors and others to bring their exotic renewable (wind, solar, etc…) breakthroughs or “over unity” (free energy) products to market.

In the past, NEST (New Energy Systems Trust) has helped quite a few inventors who were pursing the development of business opportunities that would have had far-reaching benefits if we had been able to complete any of those projects.

Many of the current members of NET also served on the old board with NEST.  Now the new group at NET is ready to take this all to a higher level.  We plan to raise awareness of new energy technologies (visit our article page from time to time) and divulge public information on topics that are difficult to find out elsewhere.

The NET members include inventors themselves, people with legal and technical backgrounds and leaders in the field of renewable or exotic energy.  We also have faith that we will be able to raise funds to spread the message on a more competitive level.

We plan to take this information to key financial advisors, media outlets (alternative and mainstream), and we welcome volunteers and professionals under our NET umbrella to take free energy and cheap renewables to the next level.  Currently, many of the businesses in the free energy field are under financial restraint and the government has yet to recognize these technologies, let alone lift the long political backing of fossil fuels.

Now, knowing our mission here, we ask you to see if you can help us transform our efforts into something truly advantageous and meaningful for all involved and those who will benefit world-wide. If you accept the premise on which cold fusion (LENR) stands on it’s own two feet and has been proven now, you must scratch your head in wonder and delight.  Our science is based on postulations that have been proven over and over not to be the “finale” of all explanations.  Technology and insight drive inspiration, new ideas, old ideas becoming popular again, or replacement of old theories with new ones.

If you know someone with a media background, from the financial sector or university professors, please encourage them to contact us.  If you are interested in volunteering, just let us know how you would like to help and we will do our best to make it happen.

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